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By | June 10, 2016

More and more gents seem to have fetishes and they also seem to be prepared to talk about them. A lot of my recent dates that I have added to my London escorts diary do have fetishes and they are one of the reasons that they are coming to see London escorts. How do we deal with fetishes? There are many ways of dealing with fetishes and I must admit that I rather enjoy working with fetishes.

Not all of the gents that I date at London escorts have fetishes but many of them do. The first thing I do when I have a first date with a gent with a fetish, is to explain to him about the fetish. A lot of girls here at London escorts know and appreciate that fetishes can be exciting in the back of your mind. However, sometimes when you bring a fetish out to play, it may be less exciting and you may even become overwhelmed by it. There are so many different types of fetishes and they all need a different approach. Yes, they are fun, but at the same time you do have to be careful.

Bondage is a very popular fetish here at London escorts, and it is one of those fetishes that you do have to be a bit careful with at all times. A lot of gents who visit London escorts think that they can go straight into a bondage session but that is not right at all. You really need to ease yourself into bondage. Last week I had one gent who said that he wanted to try fetish play bondage style, and he had even bought all of the gear. I had to explain to him that you could not expect to be able to jump straight into any kind of fetish play.

Why are fetishes so in at the moment with London escorts? The thing is that porn videos are now really full of fetish scenes. I think that many of these scenes turn our London escorts dates on and they would like to experience it for themselves. However, it is not that easy at all. You really need to appreciate what is involved and how it is done safely. It looks easy on film, but most of the girls here at London escorts appreciate that it is not that easy at all.

I have always been into fetish play and as a professional dominatrix, it is something that I really enjoy. That being said, I love to take my time to train my little slaves. All of the slaves that I meet have a lot to learn and if they don’t do their homework I need to tell them off. That being said, I do have a lot of slaves who are really good pupils and they love to play. Most of the good students stay with me so that I can award them time and time again. If you like to play and fancy a bit of fetish play, perhaps you should come to see me so that I can teach you how to play…

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