Three Best Tips For Achieving Multiple Orgasms In Men

By | April 29, 2016

While it is true that women have a greater ability to achieve multiple orgasms than men, it doesn’t mean that men can’t achieve multiple orgasms. This is a wrong assumption. We are going to dispel this myth by providing exclusive facts about how it is possible for a man to experience the same multiple orgasms, as well as tips for achieving them. One of the best sex educators in the world, Jack Johnston did his research and discovered that men and women are wired in much the same way when it comes to neurological capacity to experience the impulses of orgasms. Here are a few of the tips:

Check Your Testosterone Levels

Checking your testosterone level is an important step towards achieving multiple orgasms in men. This vital hormone influences hard erection, good orgasms and short refractory periods. Low T- level is common among men aged 40 years and above. You should conduct regular tests to determine the level of your testosterone hormone. If you find that it is below the optimum level, start eating the right diet to increase it. Signs of low level of testosterone include decrease in libido, increase in body fat, fatigue, depression and mental fogginess.

Strengthen Your PC Muscles

The pybococcygeus muscle, more commonly referred to as the PC muscle is found in both sexes. It stretches between the pubic bone and the coccyx (tail bone) and supports the pelvic muscles.

There are men who experience multiple orgasms naturally; if you do not belong to this group you can engage in Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises will help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, and will also enhance your ability to control orgasm and ejaculation response when you climax. If you back off ejaculating after achieving an organism, chances are that you will skip the refractory period. This will enable you orgasm again and again, hence multiple orgasms.

Try Using Different Sex Positions

You should try using different sex positions which can make you achieve orgasm without ejaculating (try reading the Karma Sutra for instruction). Continue doing it as you experience more orgasms. The best positions are those which allow you to tighten your muscles so that you can control ejaculation.

In conclusion, the above are the basic tips which every man should apply in order to experience multiple orgasms just as their female counterparts do. They work perfectly.

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