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By | July 19, 2018


My girlfriend challenged me if I could be honest with her in one month. She did not believe that I will not lie to her for a month straight. I was insulted because I felt like I am not a liar, I may not be a good person, but I am not a liar. I accepted her offer; if she found out that I am lying, I will give her a hundred dollars. But if I did my part and did not lie to her, she is going to do my laundry for a half a year. It was done, we had a deal. I did not think a lot about our bet because I felt very confident I will win. What I did not know is that she was thinking about a plan that could make me lose to her. She was outstanding, she seriously wanted me to fail. So that she could call me a liar forever. I think it because she wants to make me feel bad all the time. She always texted me every day asking me many questions about my location or what I am doing. It was very obvious wants me to lie to her so that she could win our bet. But I stayed strong; I did not want to lose to her, this bet is also important to me too.


It is the way I could prove to her that I am not a liar and I am a man that can be trusted. I think my girl is paranoid because of my history with girls. Before I was in a relationship with her, I dated a lot of women in my life. It is what I liked to do regularly. Dating girls for me are my escape from my experience at work because my job is very stressful. I had a lot of girlfriends back then, but even though I have been with many beautiful women, I still was not happy. In fact, that life made me a miserable man. All the drama and efforts to keep a girl is too much for me. I do not want to do that with my life anymore I need to find someone that is a good girl who will love me for who I am and not for who I am not. I was annoyed at my girlfriend because even though she did lie to her for a month she still does not trust me at all. So I decided that it is an excellent time to break up with her. She and I were never meant for each other. She needs to find a man who she can trust and will not hurt her. For me, I think the right thing for me to do now is to book a Bethnal Green escort from Bethnal Green escorts what I need. I am now free to book Bethnal Green escorts.

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